Why do we need to encourage physical activity in your kid?

Nowadays we encounter lots of fitness centres in our city. But, have we ever realized why suddenly we see this sector growing up so much? Probably, not many people had thought about it. One answer to this question is the rise in obesity epidemic levels worldwide.

It is important to address the obesity issue at an early age so that the loading of other associated diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and osteoporosis is less in adulthood. In 2014, globally, the rate of obesity in children below 5 years is found to be 41 million where WHO suggests the rate is moving up fast in producing states. It is touted as obesity is plaguing Indian kids due to lack of physical activity, unhealthy eating habits, and hormonal events. India is ranked as third most obese country in the world and we do face a risk of heart disease epidemic. One in every four kids in India is overweight or obese. We are sure, you do not want your kid to be one of them. Do not have your youngster become a component of this statistic, take control and gift him a healthy fit long life.

Vitality by Design - Author

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