What is a Good Workout?

Normally when people are required to rate their workout, most of the people say ‘it was hard’. But, only 25% of the population globally actually know it was actually hard enough to be ranked as ‘hard’.

We, humans, have the tendency to over rate- whether it is a problem, traffic jams, cars and even money! So, the question comes from 75% of the population who doesn’t know whether they are exercising enough to be labelled hard. By hard, I mean strong enough to gain health benefits against chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. An exercise should be moderate to vigorous intensity, i.e. for a 30 year old person his heart rate should be between 140-155 beats per min during the exercise session. An easy path to monitor this is that a person should be breathing hard and not capable to speak during the session.

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