Our Approach

Our fitness coaches, nutritionists, and therapists work in unity to discover the right ways for you to maintain your optimum body shape, fitness and lifestyle. Thinking about moving forward towards a higher level of health and performance?  Our expert team is ready to help you with your goals.

Small Group Training

Vitality by Design’s Small Group Training Programs are unique and take training to a whole new level. Our programs are designed to keep you motivated, provide variety in your training, introduce you to new techniques and help you on your way to achieving your fitness goals!  With small group personal training you can experience the benefits of working with a personal trainer be it for strength training, aqua fitness, performance conditioning or yoga, without the additional cost.

We allow flexibility in creating your own package allowing you to choose classes that interest you frequency of attending these sessions over a four week cycle.

Register with Reception and then participate in any session that takes your fancy.

Active After 60

We help you age better through our Active after 60 program. This plan is planned to enhance your everyday functionality by improving balance & coordination, increasing muscle power and flexibility and decreased reaction time.


We administer appropriate fitness assessments based on the client’s health history, current fitness, lifestyle factors, and goals utilizing research-proven and published protocols.

Sports Injury

Our program is highly effective, scientifically proven and designed for both female and male athletes to reduce the risk of injuries – especially serious knee and lower extremity injuries.


We can help you manage your obesity through a holistic approach involving multiple disciplines.


Medication – good nutrition and a disciplined exercise regime – are critical components of diabetes management.

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