Dr. Neha Bharti

Dr. Neha Bharti

MSc Kinesiology(Canada), BPT
Specialised in Strength, Conditioning and works on promoting Physical Activity in obese and older adults

Dr. Neha did her Bachelor in Physiotherapy from University of Delhi (Amar Jyoti Institute of Physiotherapy) and MSc. in Kinesiology from University of Manitoba (Canada). Neha has experience of more than 6 years as physiotherapist. Apart from practicing as a physiotherapist, Neha has worked on research projects relating to exercise physiology to evaluate impact of regular exercise and on chronic conditions in obese and older adults. Neha has three international researches published correlating to exercise, diet, and physical activity, strength training in sedentary and physically active individuals. Her work area includes related to increasing in physical activity with age and how to increase the proportion of population to be physically active. Neha has also been a panelist and speaker at various conferences and events in North America.

Key work areas:

Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation, Obesity, Diabetes, Strength Training, reducing Sedentary Behavior, Physical Activity.

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