Other Therapies

At our center we offer outpatient physical therapy and fitness services for adults, adolescents and children.

We adopt a hands-on approach to resolving a host of physical, emotional and lifestyle concerns. We use a unique combination of evidence-based techniques that target the underlying cause, not just the symptoms to create body and mind plans that are perfectly designed to attain your targets.

Following are the techniques we use for these conditions:

  • Manual therapy -Evidence based Mulligan technique for the indicated Musculo-skeletal conditions such as cervical and lumbar dysfunction.
  • McKenzie approach in mechanical diagnosis and therapy for spine rehabilitation.
  • Kinetic control approach- movement solution and therapy
  • Deep tissue mobilization for muscle trigger points
  • Dry Needling Technique (DNT) for releasing muscle knots and thus reduces muscle pain, including pain related to myofascial pain syndrome.
  • Kaltonborn mobilization for joint stiffness
  • Neurodynamic solutions
  • Electrotherapy for the muscle re-education, pain and spasm.
  • The Bobath Concept is a treatment approach which focuses on improving the quality of movement of an individual to maximize their ability to function in day to day activities. The aim is to assess each individual’s potential and then design a treatment plan specifically for them.
  • Neuro Developmental Technique (NDT) for the stroke and Cerebral palsy child
  • Brunnstrom movement therapy for a sequenced stage of recovery from hemiplegia after a Stroke
  • Motor relearning program for the musculoskeletal and neurological patientsfocus on practice of missing task components and whole tasks, and transference of learning.
  • Task oriented movement therapy for the adult hemiplegic patients (Stroke)
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