Spinal Cord Injury (SCI)

Out Vitalian Neuro-Physiotherapist use ICF framework process involved in formulating a physiotherapy programme.

The process involves five steps:

Step one: assessing impairments, activity limitations and participation restrictions

Step two: setting goals with respect to activity limitations and participation restrictions

Step three: identifying key impairments

Step four: identifying and administering treatments

Step five: measuring outcomes

Each of these steps is described in this chapter and provides the framework for formulating physiotherapy programmes. The focus is primarily on patients undergoing rehabilitation. In the period immediately after injury when patients are restricted to bed it is not feasible to assess activity limitations and participation restrictions, and it may not be appropriate to set goals in these domains.

Six key impairments are responsive to physiotherapy intervention and commonly impose activity restrictions and participation limitations. These are largely contained within the Neuromusculoskeletal and Movement-Related Functions domains of ICF.

Physiotherapy approach includes:

  • Treatment for poor skill
  • poor strength
  • poor joint mobility
  • pain
  • poor respiratory
  • poor cardiovascular fitness

Some interventions administered by physiotherapists are directed at preventing, rather than treating, impairments, activity limitation and participation restrictions. In addition, physiotherapists are often responsible for prescribing mobility equipment such as wheelchairs and cushions.

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