Parkinson's Disease Management

Why do you choose the Vitality by design for the Parkinson’s Physiotherapy?

Parkinson’s symptoms can be managed with proper Physiotherapy movement evaluation, diagnosis and treatment, and rehabilitation including physical, task oriented therapy and speech therapies.

Our expert physiotherapists will assess the patient condition and identify the affected movements, which are slow due to neuromuscular spasticity (tightness) and postural instability to advocate the model of a task specific approach to train the patient everyday living.

We review the treatment regularly and adjust according to the changing constellation of movement disorders that present as the disease progress.

Parkinson’s disease rehabilitation treatment

The physiotherapists are specially trained to care for people with neurological conditions and treat Parkinson’s patients. Advanced certifications include Neuro-Developmental Treatment (NDT) certification, Master degree in Neurological Physiotherapy, and Speech therapy certification.

As needed for their particular treatment plan, our services include:

  • Core areas of Physiotherapy – Gait, transfers, dexterity, balance, falls, posture and Physical activity
  • Main interventions – Cueing, cognitive movement strategies, exercise for physical capacity
  • Muscle tone assessment and movement training
  • Gait assessments and ambulation training to get a proper walking pattern
  • Balance assessments and equilibrium training
  • Strength and coordination building to increase mobility and ability to perform activities of daily living (such as bathing, dressing, and making dinner)
  • Diet and exercise for endurance training
  • Evaluation of daily living activities and adaptations
  • Recommendations for energy conservation
  • Recommendations for work simplification
  • Treatment for bladder control issues, including incontinence
  • Speech assessment and therapy to improve communication skills
  • Caregiver training and counselling
  • Speech and voice disorder therapy – An evidence based training technique that focuses on improving voice quality, articulation and vocal intensity.

  • We offer six to twelve week multi-disciplinary programs for management of Parkinson’s disease. Our Program includes:

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