Obesity/Weight Loss Management Program

At Vitality by Design, we can help you manage your obesity through a holistic approach involving multiple disciplines. A disciplined exercise regime along balanced nutrition – are critical components of weight management. Reducing weight along with managing weight loss within the range recommended by your doctor can be challenging on your own as several factors affect your weight. The risks of complications from obesity include compromised cardio pulmonary health, stroke, diabetes, certain types of cancer, joint pains and reduced life expectancy.

Obesity is reversible and preventable through diet and exercise. We at Vitality by Design will help you manage your weight by understanding your:

Diet: It’s not only the type of food you eat but also how much you eat and the combinations of food types you eat.

Exercise Routine: Exercise is an important part of helping weight management. When you exercise, your muscles use sugar (glucose) for energy. Regular physical activity also helps you reduce weight and manage body weight efficiently.

Stress Levels: If you’re stressed, the hormones your body produces in response to prolonged stress may cause a rise in your body weight. Additionally, it may be harder to closely follow your usual routine if you’re under a lot of extra pressure.

Our specialists’ works closely together with you to create a customized plan to reduce weight and achieve target body weight within a mutually decided timeframe. We adopt through a multi disciplinary approach of exercises (cardio and strength training), aqua fitness, yoga, nutrition counseling and psychological counseling to help achieve your goals.

Our 12 week comprehensive program to for weight loss includes the following:

Client Education: We will provide comprehensive educational program in which you will learn the basics of how your body metabolizes food, how and when to monitor your routine, and how to cope with both short- and long-term weight management.

Nutrition Counseling: To achieve a sustainable weight loss, it is most important to educate yourself about the components of a healthy diet, how to develop a meal plan, and how to fit physical activity into your schedule and make lifestyle changes in consultation with our nutrition expert. You will learn how to recognize portion distortion, make wise choices while dining out, and stay on track with your weight-loss plan. Your caregiver will also receive counseling to help implement the changes in diet more effectively.

Exercise Program: Our expert physiotherapists and trained fitness coaches will undertake a comprehensive physical assessment, review medical reports and develop a suitable exercise plan for you. Your exercise routine will probably include a combination of exercises — aerobic exercises (such as walking, cycling, treadmill), combined with resistance training (such as weightlifting/ strength training), yoga and aqua fitness. A combination of exercises often helps lose weight more effectively than any single type of exercise routine. It also keeps you engaged and motivated through the course of weight loss.

Counseling: Your sessions with a trained counselor will help you manage associated stress, learn relaxation techniques, improve your sleep habits, break poor food habits, motivate you to stick to your diet/exercise routines and help cope with weight and other underlying psychological issues. Your caregiver will also receive counseling sessions if and when necessary.

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