We provide advanced Neuro physiotherapy and rehabilitation services for betterment of patients suffering from various Neurological Ailments like Stroke, Head Injury, Parkinson’s disease, Multiple sclerosis, Neuropathy, Brain Haemorrhages etc.

  • Therapists focus on analyzing your weaknesses, addressing problems with balance, gait, coordination, and spasticity.
  • Improvements in these areas will take a person from being unable to walk to walking independently or helping a person dress independently or bathe themselves.

What we do for Stroke Physiotherapy?

Stroke physiotherapy is a specialised type of treatment where the goal is to maximise the recovery of function in individuals who have sustained a stroke and so have difficulty controlling the messages from the brain to the muscles so movement is difficult or impossible.

Following are the techniques we use for these conditions:

  • The Bobath Concept is a treatment approach which focuses on improving the quality of movement of an individual to maximize their ability to function in day to day activities. The aim is to assess each individual’s potential and then design a treatment plan specifically for them.
  • Neuro Developmental Technique (NDT) for the stroke and Cerebral palsy child
  • Brunnstrom movement therapy for a sequenced stage of recovery from hemiplegia after a Stroke
  • Motor relearning program for the musculoskeletal and neurological patients – focus on practice of missing task components and whole tasks, and transference of learning.
  • Task oriented movement therapy for the adult hemiplegic patients (Stroke)
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