Our Approach

The fundamental philosophy of PLAY by Vitality is to nurture an appreciation for healthy living from early years and encourage lifelong involvement in fitness/sports. While always evolving, our selection of kids’ movement classes usually includes: our core program – kids’athletic training, swimming, dancing, martial arts training, amongst other programs that change from time to time. We associate ourselves with the best of child instructors to provide conscious, creative and fundamental movement instruction to children. While training young bodies, these classes also exercise children’s imagination, minds and hearts.

Kids Athletic Training Program

The athletic training program was intensely researched and developed in-house to introduce children to correct fundamental movements such as walking, running, jumping, hopping, etc that is the basic requirement to play any sport.


Our facilities include an indoor temperature controlled pool, which is ideal to introduce little children to water and teach them swimming.

Creative Dance Movement

This is a high energy and fun class for kids to engage with music and dance.Our seriously talented dance instructor is a creative director with Tarantismo Dance Company and leads these classes.

Yoga for Kids

This program introduces yoga to children, through in a fun and engaging manner though story telling, allowing each child to develop and live in optimal health and inner peace.

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