Fitness Assessments & Personal Training

Whether you want to assess your fitness levels, change shape, boost your health, train for a specific event or rediscover your fitness after an injury, we have the specialists to make it happen, Using conditioning and strength workouts, we will train you to achieve optimum fitness levels through injury free movements, by using both equipments and body resistance exercises. We would first assess your fitness levels based on

  1. Body composition
  2. Cardio endurance test
  3. 1-RM strength test
  4. Flexibility test
  5. Muscle endurance test
  6. Core strength test.

Does Vitality personal training work? 

Vitality Personal training works to help you motivate yourself to do the exercise in the first place and to push yourself in the exercise session to gain that much more. 

A good personal trainer will work out goals with you before you start and also develop further goals as you continue working with them. They will look at your life as a whole, aiming to not just reach your body shape goals but also to feel healthier and to gain more energy throughout the day.  

How can Vitality personal training help me? 

Personal training can help if:

1)   You want to work out at home rather than the gym and want to be shown some excellent home workouts

2)   You are not getting the results from exercising that you are looking for, whether it is building muscle bulk, gaining fitness, weight loss or fat loss

3)   You are bored with doing the same workouts all the time and want something new to try – ‘variety is the spice of life’

4)   You have booked yourself into a sporting race or an event and you want an expert to help you get through it or to achieve a good time

5)   You have made the decision to start exercising but you are stuck where to begin – a personal trainer can devise a programme that is individual to you and will get you maximum results in the minimum time

6)   You have an illness, condition or injury and need help in exercising safely and getting back to your optimum health

Core Strength & Stretch

Pilates-based mat exercises for improving core stability, breathing control and stretches to improve flexibility. Pilates-based exercises are often used in conjunction with physiotherapy as a means of treating a variety of injuries and focuses on the retraining and recruitment of stabilizing muscles (core stability) as well as improving posture, strength and flexibility.

If you would like to join our Core Strength & Stretch group please contact us to see if our classes are suitable for your needs, or book an appointment to have a review with our physiotherapist instructor to assess the suitability of our classes for you. If our classes are unsuitable, our Physios will be happy to create an individualised core stability program for you.

Balance and Strength

These small group sessions consist of gentle exercises targeted at improving functional strength, body awareness and balance. Combined with education these classes will improve your confidence and decrease the likelihood of falls.

Each participant is assessed before starting so individuals needs can be addressed and a personal plan for ongoing exercise aims can be developed.

This program is aimed at people with concerns about their balance, or those recovering from pain or injury that has led to some weakness or balance deficits. It is instructed by a physiotherapist.


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