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Importance of Sports

One can think sound mind is sound body, both physical and mental well being are the prerequisites of great achievements in man’s life. Sports are fundamental to the early development of children and youth.  Sport also contributes  to the holistic development of young people. Through participation in sports young people learn a lot about the importance of key values such as

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What is a Good Workout?

Normally when people are required to rate their workout, most of the people say ‘it was hard’. But, only 25% of the population globally actually know it was actually hard enough to be ranked as ‘hard’.

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Aquatic therapy and fitness training

Play by Vitality offers Aquatic Therapy and Aquatic Fitness training, a unique therapy and treatment based program, designed and executed by a certified aquatic and sports physiotherapist. Our studio is well equipped with a Smart Pool with Power LPS system to provide a holistic training experience.

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