Aquatic therapy and fitness training

Play by Vitality offers Aquatic Therapy and Aquatic Fitness training, a unique therapy and treatment based program, designed and executed by a certified aquatic and sports physiotherapist. Our studio is well equipped with a Smart Pool with Power LPS system to provide a holistic training experience.

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Fueling the young athlete

Right nutrition helps athletic children improve their performance and aids in growth and speedy recovery. Young athlete’s body requires nutritional fuel before and after (and sometimes during) competition to help them stay physically and mentally alert.

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Aqua exercises for back pain

The pool is evolving as a new destination for mind-body classes. Aqua therapy and fitness has branched out to include various approaches for individual or group class set-ups. Lower back pain can occur due do various reasons and pathologies affecting it. The key to recovering from an episode of back injury or surgery and to avoid further recurrences is to undergo proper rehabilitation to condition the back and body in terms of pain management, strengthening, flexibility training, and aerobic conditioning.

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