Ageing healthily with Aqua Therapy/ Aqua Fitness

As we grow older our body undergoes a lot of transformation through the ageing process. With the ageing process our health needs too tend to get much more complex due to increasing number of chronic health conditions. When we were young children we always wondered when we would grow up into older adults, but as we grew older we wish we could stay young forever. However ageing is a natural process and we can do nothing to stop us from ageing. The only way to keep our self young irrespective of age is to keep ourselves fit. To keep ourselves fit we need to exercise in some form or the other. Many older adults do exercise in various forms in order to keep themselves fit. It may be walking, jogging, playing badminton, squash, yoga, swimming and much more.

Elderly people often find it difficult to keep up with their exercise schedule; some even stop exercising due to various reasons like joint pain, weak muscles, fatigue, and decreased cardiovascular endurance. Various age related medical conditions also prevent them from exercising on a daily basis. Such people need a form of exercise which are easy for them to perform with less strain on the joints, at the same time could increase their strength and endurance with minimum fatigue levels. Swimming can be a very good exercise for the elderly due the above mentioned benefits. But not everyone is a swimmer; even elderly people who have been swimmers refrain from swimming due to fear of accidental falls and drowning.  For such people Aqua Therapy offers a safe and suitable environment to exercise easily without undue strain on their joints and muscles.

Aqua therapy/Aqua fitness programs at vitality by design are designed by our expert therapists and are is carried on in a controlled water environment which involves exercises done at shallow depths in a heated pool under the guidance of a qualified Aqua therapist. Aqua exercises are easier and less painful, because the forces on weight-bearing joints are reduced due to buoyancy. Apart from buoyancy water offers hydrostatic pressure which can reduce swelling, inflammation, improve circulation and joint position sense. The warmth of the heated pool helps in relaxing stiff muscles and improves flexibility.

Why Aqua exercises?

  • Aqua exercises are easier to perform than on land and less painful, because the forces on weight-bearing joints are reduced due to buoyancy acting on the body
  • Aqua exercises helps in reducing swelling in the joints and improves joint position sense (proprioception) due to hydrostatic pressure acting on the joints
  • Aqua exercises can reduce pain by relaxing tight or spastic muscles thereby increases blood circulation, prevents muscle wasting and promotes natural healing by strengthening weak muscles
  • Aqua exercises can significantly reduce the risk of falls in elderly as water heightens body awareness, improves trunk stability and helps in better postural control
  • Aqua exercises help in improving joint range of motion, muscle strength, improves balance and gait pattern thereby promotes natural walking
  • Aqua exercises gives you sense of Independence and improves your confidence levels which helps you to try exercises and movements that are difficult on land
  • Aqua exercises can create a sense of well being among individuals when the exercises are performed in a groups which could reduce their feelings of isolation and depression

Aqua exercises are quite enjoyable, keeps you physically and mentally fit for daily life, keeps you socially and psychologically motivated, keeps your spirits up, helps you deal with age related problems, helps you to age healthily and gracefully.

Vitality by Design - Author

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